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Warden Protocol

The Warden Protocol is an intent-centric protocol, built on the Cosmos SDK, that enables various execution layers for interoperability, modular key management and account aggregation

  • Intents - think of Intents as the protocol's understanding of your transaction objectives. The protocol interprets your Intent and takes the necessary actions to ensure that your transaction aligns with your goals.
  • Keychains - a modular key management marketplace enables you to pick from MPC operators, custodians, and HSM operators.
  • Interoperability - leveraging the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol or on-demand MPC Keychain operators, Warden makes blockchain interoperability easy and secure.
  • Account aggregation - account aggregation involves the management of multiple keys (wallets) through a unified system, the Warden Protocol. This allows users to conveniently manage all their multi-chain wallets, digital assets and transactions from one place, rather than having to juggle multiple wallets, multiple seed phrases or accounts across different blockchain networks.