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Introduction to Warden

The Warden Protocol

The Warden Protocol is a modular L1 blockchain enabling developers to deploy Omnichain Applications (OApps) with CosmWasm. You can also participate by operating a Keychain or running a node and becoming a validator.

OApps are a powerful evolution of traditional smart contracts. They allow signing transactions at any chain, while traditional smart contract applications only target users of a single chain. An example of an OApp is SpaceWard – our application functioning as the front-end interface for Warden.


We're currently implementing a breaking update to the protocol. OApp developers will be able to build and integrate AI-driven Agents – autonomous trainable programs independently managing complex processes. You can find more information here: Glossary: Coming soon.

Key protocol features

  • Dynamic smart contracts
    Utilize a next-generation CosmWasm smart contract layer capable of autonomous logic execution to ship truly decentralized applications with a flexible development suite powered by Rust.

  • Novel Web3 modules
    Access the premier plug-and-play Web3 modules to rapidly iterate a diverse array of groundbreaking dApps.

  • Unprecedented interoperability
    Ship dApps with native access to all popular assets, bridges, oracles, and wallets. Warden is one of the most interoperable protocols available with connections to leading blockchains such as Ethereum and Cosmos while also being IBC-enabled.

  • Highly secure
    Deploy on a Tendermint-based PoS network secured by a globally distributed group of renowned validators and trusted by leading institutions worldwide.

  • Coming Soon: Tailored for AI
    Leverage the only layer one protocol optimized for building DeFi apps that can reach the next billion users in Web3. Put Intents and the evolution of intents using AI here.

Documentation overview

Welcome to the Warden Protocol documentation!

Use the top menu to navigate across the main sections of the docs and learn how to join Warden:

  • Learn: The basic information about the protocol
  • Build an OApp: Guides for OApp developers
  • Build a Keychain: Guides for Keychain operators
  • Operate a Node: Guides for node operators
  • Tokens: A detailed of Warden tokens – WARD and WARP
  • Tools: API and function references
  • Help Center: User guides for SpaceWard, our front-end OApp


If you're going to contribute to the protocol, see protocol developer docs on GitHub.