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Welcome to the Documentation Site for the Warden Protocol!

We are excited to have you here as we put in the effort to develop a detailed and accessible documentation portal. The Warden Protocol is an intent-centric protocol, built on the Cosmos SDK, that enables various execution layers for interoperability, modular key management and account aggregation. While our documentation site is a work in progress, it will eventually emerge as your comprehensive resource for navigating the Warden Protocol and leveraging its advantages to the fullest.

Within these pages, you'll uncover thorough instructions on how to begin, complete with step-by-step tutorials for users, developers, and network participants (such as validators and keychain operators). Regardless of if you're a developer aiming to incorporate the Warden Protocol into your projects, or a user eager to delve into the capabilities of blockchain technology, our documentation will equip you with the necessary tools in anticipation of our forthcoming Alfama testnet launch.

Your patience and interest in the Warden Protocol are greatly appreciated.