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Every Omnichain Application has at least one Keychain – a custodian that generates and stores keys and signs transactions. Keychains contribute to Warden's Modular Key Management and Modular Security.

The Warden Protocol allows users or external organizations become Keychain operators. They can onboard their own Keychains and charge fees for key requests and signature requests. Note that Keychain operators typically use MPC networks to generate keys and signatures. To learn more, see Request flow.

This section explains how to build a Keychain and operate it.

Get started

To get started, follow the steps in the Quick start guide. You can build a Keychain with our Keychain SDK.

In the future, we're going to provide off-chain infrastructure to facilitate Keychain deployment.


If you're building an Omnichain Application and wish to run a Keychain for testing purposes, check this guide: Run a Keychain from CLI.