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Omnichain Applications

Omnichain Applications (OApps) are a powerful evolution of traditional smart contracts. They allow signing transactions at any chain, while traditional smart contract applications only target users of a single chain.

An example of an OApp is SpaceWard – our application functioning as the front-end interface for Warden.

This section explains how to build the backend and frontend of an OApp. Here you'll also find guides for running a node and a Keychain in the test mode.

Get started

The main part of any Omnichain Application is an Omnichain Contract: a smart contract that allows signing transactions and messages at any destination chain. For this reason, OApp development starts with building a custom Omnichain Contract with CosmWasm.

To learn more, check our list of CosmWasm resources in the Useful links section.

Please note that this section is under construction. More information is coming soon.