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Run a local chain

Goal: run a local chain for development and testing purposes.


1. Clone the Warden Protocol repo

git clone
cd wardenprotocol

2. Build the chain

cd wardenprotocol
just install

This will build the chain binary called wardend and install it in your $GOPATH.

3. Run the chain

Option 1. Use ignite

This option is recommended for development purposes.

ignite chain serve -p warden --home ~/.warden -v

Option 2. Use the devnet snapshot

This option is recommended for testing purposes and doesn't require installing other tools such as ignite.

Download the devnet snapshot and extract it to ~/.warden:

mkdir ~/.warden
tar -xvf devnet.tar.gz -C ~/.warden

Tip: we have other snapshots available at that can be used as alternative starting points.

Then run the chain:

wardend start

4. Confirm the chain is running

You should see some logs every time a new block is produced (every second).

You should also be able to query the chain and find some data from the genesis block:

$ wardend q warden keychains

- admins:
- warden16hmn8nh3fn79ce53fxdmp6p7fpp4mdncf70xug
creator: warden16hmn8nh3fn79ce53fxdmp6p7fpp4mdncf70xug
description: WardenKMS
id: "1"
is_active: true
- warden1phhmc2wkx0h4qdnuh0me47xlkgh3rnk8zayxnk
total: "1"