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Demand drivers

The Warden Protocol aims to drive a sustainable equilibrium between supply and demand of WARD. To drive demand of WARD, there will be a number of intrinsic demand drivers built into the protocol:

  • Transaction Fees: All fees generated are distributed across WARD validators and their stakers.
  • Operator bonds: Operators of services must bond WARD, reducing the circulating supply of WARD and enhancing the protocol’s collective security and stability.
  • Governance: WARD will be used for community governance initiatives, creating a last need for a meaningful stake in Warden.

Keychain operators

Keychain operators serve a vital role within the Warden Protocol.

A Keychain is an off-chain service that provides key management services to Warden users. The selected Keychain creates and stores a key material locally and publishes the public key on Warden. Users can then request signatures for various purposes.

Keychains are required to pay a WARD bond to the Warden Protocol by the Total Value Secured concept. This WARD bond is locked and can only be unbonded after a 6 month notice period.

Validator bonds

To operate a validator on the Warden Protocol, validators will be required to stake WARD.