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WARD is the native utility token integral to the Warden Protocol ecosystem. It's designed to facilitate various operations such as governance, staking, protocol fees and as a medium of payment for operators.

Initial Total Supply250,000,000 WARD


The Warden Protocol will operate based on a number of phases, which denote the progress of Warden and its various milestones. These Phases will be used to detail the incentives available to various participants and the optimal monetary policy.

The phases will be split into:

  1. The Primordial Phase - the earliest phase in Warden’s development, where the highest incentives will be used to achieve a successful mainnet, token genesis and growth trajectory.

  2. The Photon Phase - a phase of maturity where Warden is, via community governance, continuously optimizing its monetary policy to achieve sustainable growth.

  3. The Supernova Phase - a phase of maturity where Warden’s core product market fit has been established and a period of long term predictable incentives and monetary policy are curated by the community.