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Main WARD Distribution


Distribution chart

Distribution Description

Public Goods10%Incentivized testnet and genesis airdrop, and public good initiativesAvailable at genesis
Ecosystem & Community20%Allocated for initiatives that contribute to the Warden Protocol's ecosystem and community projectsAvailable at genesis locked to governance
Developer Incentives16%Developer and builder incentivesAvailable at genesis locked to governance
Validator and Operators10%Initial delegated WARD to Mainnet and Operator ValidatorsAvailable at genesis but bonded
Treasury & R&D24%Long term treasury and research programmes10M available at genesis, linear unlock two year weekly vest
Core Contributors20%Reserved for the development team, advisors and early contributors6 month cliff, two year linear weekly vest

Release Schedule

release schedule

Fair Launch Mechanism The WARD token distribution will adopt a fair launch mechanism. This approach ensures a wide and equitable distribution of tokens, preventing market manipulation and ensuring a rapid distribution of stakeholders and community governance.

Prioritization of OPEN token Holders OPEN Holders will be recognized for their early and ongoing support, along with other eligible protocols and platforms that have contributed to the foundations and culture that has given Warden Protocol the ability to launch.