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WARP is the dynamic counterpart to WARD, adding liquidity and gamification to the Warden Protocol ecosystem. It fuels engagement and participation through innovative tokenomics.

This section explains how WARP is distributed, where to get it, and other details.


Initial Total Supply4,675,000 (250,000,000*) WARP
Contract Address0x3c8665472ec5aF30981B06B4E0143663EBeDcc1E
Explorer Address
DEX Tools

98.14% of the supply was burned


The distribution of WARP is aiming at giving the community a head start to get a chance to accumulate the future WARD tokens. During the airdrop period, as tracked via the Warden Airdrop website, there will be a leaderboard tracking accrued airdrop points (we call these “WARP Points”) which can be redeemed for $WARP tokens.

AllocationNo (%)
LBP1,250,000 (26.74%)
WARP Points Campaign2,800,000 (59.89%)
Treasury625,000 (13.37%)
Burned*245,325,000 (formerly 98.14%)

For the burned tokens, see the hash.

Where to get WARP

WARP tokens are available in the following way:

  • Swappable in a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool for USDC
  • Claimable via the Warden Airdrop website, where $WARP tokens can be claimed
  • Available on Base chain decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
  • Available on MEXC

Also, the more WARP is accumulated by an address, the bigger the airdrop of WARD will be for this address.


WARP evolves alongside the Warden Protocol, adapting to its milestones and community needs.

The phases will be split into:

  1. The LBP Phase: Get early access to WARP and start to accumulate points (WARP) ahead of the Warden Protocol mainnet. The more WARP, the more WARD!

    Note: This phase started on 30/04/2024 and is over now.

  2. You can now acquire WARP on DEXes and on MEXC.

  3. Farming Phase: Accumulate WARP through on-chain and off-chain activities, as well as providing liquidity for WARP-USDC LP tokens.

  4. Redeeming Phase: Get WARD tokens based on your WARP amount - and join Warden Mainnet.